Altum Foundation is a registered Canadian charity (870158920 RR0001). It seeks to contribute to the moral, cultural, spiritual and intellectual advancement of society by promoting and fostering the education and integral development of the human person according to Christian ideals.
The Foundation supports initiatives that equip individuals of all ages, conditions and backgrounds to assume leadership roles as persons of principle, integrity and competence who will work to promote positive social change.

Altum favours projects that
  • reflect a belief in the inherent dignity and rich potential of each human being;
  • inspire high ideals, a strong sense of personal responsibility and spirit of service;
  • instil a deep desire to transmit these values to others through concrete action;
  • awaken in each person an awareness of a unique mission with respect to his/her family life, daily work and social relations.

Altum places special emphasis on undertakings that further the education and development of young people and of families.
Altum gives priority to assisting organizations in Canada that are inspired by the message of the
Opus Dei Prelature.